The firm assists individuals and companies with projects in the following principal areas:

Film, Television & Video

Our clients include actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers, distributors, financiers and others who love to tell stories.

We handle entity formation, handle all production related agreements, advise regarding financing arrangements, analyze and negotiate distribution agreements, advise regarding domestic and international tax credits, and provide introductions to lenders who can monetize these credits. Chain of title documentation is regularly prepared. We negotiate financing agreements, and in very rare instances, secure financing for projects.

Simply put, we handle the creation of audio visual projects from idea creation to acquisition of rights to distribution, audit and reversion of rights, and the preparation of ancillary and derivative works. We also represent talent in these negotiations.


Music business professionals who rely on us include composers, lyricists, recording artists, DJs, managers, labels, publishes, distributors and others whose world revolves around music.

We routinely clear performing and other rights on a blanket basis for the digital distribution of music, whether in a single country or across 100 different countries for traditional and non-traditional uses.

Our work extends to a variety of publishing and recording agreements, distribution agreements, as well as licenses, endorsements, and related agreements, either on the talent side or the company side.


Among theater professionals, we represent producers, authors, actors and investors. Our experience extends to many prominent names and goes back over 30 years.

For creators in the theater business, we negotiate employment and option agreements by which live plays and musicals may be produced.

For producers in the theater business, we assist in the process of raising money, securing venues, and acquiring rights.

Book Publishing

We negotiate agreements with publishers for authors, and focus on reserving ancillary and derivative rights whenever possible, to the maximum degree. We seek to maximize royalties and advances and seek to secure the best possible agreement for each author. We also provide similar services to literary agents.

Talent Representation

We represent actors, actresses, singers, writers, directors, recording artists, creators and executives in the entire entertainment industry.

We also counsel their representatives, whether as managers or agents, and have significant knowledge in negotiating personal management agreements.